• Informed Decision Making

    Our customers rely on the performance of their machines and processes. We give them the tools for informed decision making. With our support, our customers reduce risks, enhance performance and increase efficiency in the day to day operation of their machines and processes.

  • Condition Monitoring by Spectroscopic Sensing
    Spectroscopy of fluids, including oils, is a powerful tool to gain insight into the actual condition of machines and processes. We support our customers in finding and developing a spectroscopic real-time sensing solution tailored to their needs.

  • Finding Bespoke Sensor Solutions
    We enable the application of spectroscopic real-time sensing of fluids in machines and processes, building on our unique approach and technology.

    • Assessment of spectroscopic sensor options, feasibility studies
      • Concept-development
      • Spectroscopic assessment of fluid samples, representing machine state/machine condition of interest
    • Prototype development and manufacture
    • Prototype field studies