Research Services

  • Our mission

    At Kanano, we pride ourselves in the application of our research, focussing on the final product and the exact needs of our clients early on.

  • Why our services are needed

    Condition monitoring of machines and processes in real time is of great importance for many applications and markets. Existing technology, however, has several limitations in assessing the performance of machines, lubricants and fluid products. Consequently, it often fails to portray a meaningful assessment of their condition. Furthermore, many methods of analysis are yet to prove online-capability.

  • How we do it

    Here at Kanano, we believe we have found a way of optimising this often lengthy, complicated and costly procedure by way of our technology. Our approach buils on the advantages of fluorescence spectroscopy and samples provided by customers. And our technology is robust, versatile and can straightforwardly be adapted to our clients’ specific requirements.

    Business consulting are a key part of what we do. They are essential in developing a concept to provide the best solution to the individual problem. With our guidance, clients are able to explore their options for improvement and thus increase their scope for action. It is this, which provides them the distinct competitive edge in an ever increasing, challenging market.