Kanano GmbH

Specialising in Trace Detection and Cutting Edge Chemical Physics Solutions – Based in Ulm, Germany

Kanano - About Us


About Kanano

Kanano GmbH is a start-up company registered under German law in 2017 in Ulm.

Kanano was founded to provide research services in the chemical and physical science domain to private and public customers. Our research portfolio includes the development of trace detection technology.

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Kanano - About Us


Services Offered

Kanano’s clients value our expertise and our interconnection with the academic world in the chemical and physical sciences.

At Kanano we understand our main mission as to generate knowledge for our customers. We carry out research for our clients at different scales ranging from reviews to entire experimental studies, enabling cutting edge technology development.

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Kanano - About Us


Careers at Kanano

Kanano‘s success depends on its employees. No surprise that we are eager to find talents to join us.

Are you are looking for an ambitious, innovative enterprise that values creative freedom, features flat hierarchies and operates internationally? If you also value initiative and responsibility we would very much like to get in touch with you.

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